Company History

Roots in the old country

Our partner, M. A. Silva Cortiças, is a family-run company with three manufacturing facilities in Portugal and a global distribution network.MAS_Portugal

The M. A. Silva family has a 40-year history of producing fine premium wine corks.  They are recognised as innovators at the forefront of cork processing technology.


All our cork is  sourced from trees  under exclusive  contract to M. A.  Silva. Long-term  collaboration with  growers is the first  step in operations  that are 100% vertically integrated. This ensures complete control and quality through all aspects of production, from the moment the trees are peeled to the delivery of finished, customised corks to our Australian customers. 



M.A. Silva believes third party verification of processes and quality drives predictable and repeatable performance. The SYSTECODE audits are based on the International Code of Cork Stopper practices, i.e. Manufacturing of Cork.

SystecodeIn recognition of achieving these requirements, 
Bureau Veritas gives companies the certificate SYSTECODE PREMIUM that differentiates from other companies for excellence in Cork Stopper best practice, providing a high level of quality in the production of cork.

ISOM.A. Silva has ISO9001:2008 quality management system certified and was also the first cork company in the world certified to meet the ISO22000:2005 food safety standard.

As producers of an ecological and sustainable product, M.A.Silva Cortiças, Lda is certified by Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) with the certification code SA-PEFC/COC-002297 and also by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) with the certification code SA-COC-002297, for natural and colmated corks. Please refer M.A.Silva Corticas - Certifications.