The M.A.Silva Group has some of the most technically advanced cork processing facilities and equipment in use today. Through a combination of forest management, technology, processes and training, we have all but eliminated TCA and other off-aromas. More than simply removing chemical impurities, our facilities maximise the beauty and performance of the natural cork. 

Australian Facilities

MAS_Ware_ExM.A.Silva Corks Australasia is based in Hunter Valley Wine region in New South Wales. Our new premises have been specifically laid out to ensure that we run a smooth and efficient operation to supply corks to the whole Australia. We have sought out transport options so that we can efficiently ship and track goods across the country and so we canprovide you with prompt deliveries and better customer service.

We are set up as a full production and finishing facility with an extensive range of cork stopper products on site and the capability to do custom ink printing and fire branding,  including vintages on the cork ends.



Visit us in Portugal

Visit the cork forests in Portugal to see how we harvest cork wood and produce the finest natural wine corks. View Video. 

 Portuguese Facilities

MAS3M. A. Silva operates three processing facilities in Portugal. M. A. Silva 3 is located deep inside the cork forests of the Alentejo region. Close proximity to the cork forests allows for immediate control of the seasoning conditions, and minimises greenhouse gas emissions due to transportation of the cork. This facility contains our state of the art Dynavox® raw cork wood processing system. Separate installations then convert the seasoned cork slabs into either natural corks or agglomerate corks.  

M. A. Silva 1 creates our natural corks, while M. A. Silva 2 produces our Silktop®, Pearl® and Sparkling Wine technical and agglomerate cork products.